Friday, August 14, 2009

My Brother Inspired to Write A Rap

its 1:30 in the morning, and im rapping at the clock
dreamin of the day when ill grow myself a cock
theres a girl who wants me but her mom is very vile
shes a catholic bitch who dont like my style
fuck her and anyone else whos against being gay
i dont fuck wit chu for being straight
so what if you dont like my ways
that dont mean you got to hate
ill be laughin' at you when im getting laid
so what if im going to hell after this
my girl will be there and meet me with a warm, wet kiss
we'll have fun in those firey pits
shaking our booties, and bouncing our tits
i mean, i dont believe in hell anyway
you wouldnt either if you were gay
so go to your mass and start to pray
cuz god's definately not going to like what i have to say
who wants to believe they're sentenced for doom?
since the day they popped out of their mother's womb
Lock me up in your hell-like tomb
all because what happened in my bedroom
two girls in a bathroom stall
gay pride parades are an embarrassment to all
but then again, so is the Lakesquare mall
we start judging and you'll be quick to fall
lets be civil here
as civil as civil gets for a queer
im not talking about gay rights here
im talking about that stick up your rear
who are you to choose one's fate?
who are to choose my mate?
back off and let me date
show some support before its too late

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pottery, People and Paranoia

Yesterday I went with Moxie to a pottery place in Hut-Hut Town. The directions were a little sketchy because Moxie looked them up on her iPod and we weren't expecting traffic circles instead of traffic lights. But anyway, we went to McDonalds first and I saw some interesting old men fights out the window as I drank coffee creamer waiting for my chicken fries to be cooked. After we ate, we had a nice little rap going in the truck involving some drink straw noises, haha. The pottery place was nice but it didn't have much to choose from. Moxie and I are both very indecisive so it took us forever to decide what to paint. I ended up painting a gorilla and moxie painted a skull. You can view those on her blog because she had the camera. It will be several weeks before I get it back, right now its in a kiln. Afterwards, we went back to her house and I played with beads and designed some ideas for rings. Moxie told me that cutting the stem part off of a ring pop was almost impossible. I disagreed and she sent me home with a ring pop to test out my skills. I used a long jagged knife and cut the stem right off! I'm so proud.
The paranoia comes in when my mom was taking me home from Moxie's house. When I reached my driveway, I noticed Raela's car sitting there by the road. I was like "Holy crap! Her mom's here to kill me!" I thought she had found out about the other day. However, when I went inside her mom wasn't there. Her dad was there discussing politics with my dad and Raela was sitting there playing with my nephew and Kane. I was so shocked. I asked her why she came and she said she had been practicing driving and drove to my house. I took her to my room, my nephew came to, and I showed her my home videos from when I was little. I was so adorable. =D
Later that night, after she left, Kane(my kitty) was up to his tricks again. He climbed up my dad's ladder and jumped onto the ceiling boards. Afterwards, he jumped all the way into the attic. He ended up getting himself stuck on a far off board so I had to go rescue him. My brother sat by the computer the whole time, watching but not helping. I used a long board from a shelf that my mom never helped me put together and made a bridge for Kane to walk across. After rescuing the poor kitty, he started climbing right back up again. However, this time he didn't get trapped. He seriously worries me sometimes...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Secret Dating Life Part 2

Yesterday, something unusual happened with Raela. I was online, talking with some friends, when she aimed me and told me to go check outside by the cement my dad just poured (to put the air conditioner on) and so I did and I found a bracelet, california reciept, and two snickers bars. I went inside to ask her about it and she immediately signs off. And I'm like "stalker...". So then later she gets on aim again and tells me that she drove by when her parents weren't home and left the gifts for me. She tried to call me like 9 times while she was here and pounded on my windows but I was fast alseep in la la land so I heard absolutely nothing. Yeah, so then after hearing all the stuff she did to see me, I came up with a plan to see her. I had my mom drop me off a while away from her house and I rode my scooter to it. =D Then I met with her; I climbed through her window like all romantically and everything. It was so amazing! I feel as though it was a dream! Anyway, we then went around the neighborhood, walking talking, hanging out. We were so paranoid of being caught but it was worth it and no one found out! I also gave her two teddy bears, one that has her birth month on it and another one that is green that I bought for her for valentines day but never gave to her because I didn't want her mom to know and stuff...
And more news, I bought a cam corder too! Woot! It takes really good pictures and me and my best-friends are going to make a talk show! =D