Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Secret Dating Life Part 2

Yesterday, something unusual happened with Raela. I was online, talking with some friends, when she aimed me and told me to go check outside by the cement my dad just poured (to put the air conditioner on) and so I did and I found a bracelet, california reciept, and two snickers bars. I went inside to ask her about it and she immediately signs off. And I'm like "stalker...". So then later she gets on aim again and tells me that she drove by when her parents weren't home and left the gifts for me. She tried to call me like 9 times while she was here and pounded on my windows but I was fast alseep in la la land so I heard absolutely nothing. Yeah, so then after hearing all the stuff she did to see me, I came up with a plan to see her. I had my mom drop me off a while away from her house and I rode my scooter to it. =D Then I met with her; I climbed through her window like all romantically and everything. It was so amazing! I feel as though it was a dream! Anyway, we then went around the neighborhood, walking talking, hanging out. We were so paranoid of being caught but it was worth it and no one found out! I also gave her two teddy bears, one that has her birth month on it and another one that is green that I bought for her for valentines day but never gave to her because I didn't want her mom to know and stuff...
And more news, I bought a cam corder too! Woot! It takes really good pictures and me and my best-friends are going to make a talk show! =D


  1. It was epic! I love you! Yay! a talk show! Can i be in it? =]

  2. nice story. my boyfriend is black and this reminds me of the times we used to sneak around and stuff b/c my parents didnt approve of me dating a black guy. whatever, forget them, they arent me and they are not living my life for me. glad that was a good day for you.

  3. Good thing you didn't pull a DWI to see her. Hahaha.