Friday, July 31, 2009

When No One Is Here; I'm Not Alone

Why is it that whenever I stay home, you know so I won't have to deal with people, random people come to my door. I'm sitting here, chatting on the computer all innocently and then some tall, like 7 foot man, walks up to the door. I'm like "Hmmm...should I answer it?" and after thinking about how much I value my life....I decided to open it. He asked where my brother was and I told him the exact location, so I hope their friends and not arch nemesises. I then went back to the computer where I currently almost live. I met a girl online that lives in MA. She's into christian science and is trying to convert me. Religion isn't really a big issue for me so I played along and we found out we have many things in common. Today she was telling me that in her mind, God is actually okay with homosexuals (she's a "lesbian" too) because in God's eyes, he doesn't see that. "God has no gender so God doesn't judge by gender. God sees people who love people and God loves us for that." I've never heard a religious person say things like that. I usually get annoyed by religious people but the way she says stuff, it just makes me happy.


  1. (she's a "lesbian" too)
    Why is lesbian in quotes?

    And that is scary at the tall dude.

  2. lesbian is in quotes because she doesn't believe in labeling herself, she just considers herself attracted to girls without being called a label..

  3. aww, well its sweet that you have found comfort spiritually. That really helps when it comes to figuring out who you really are. =] I'm happy for you.

  4. its good to have a spiritual side. i'm not religious but do feel spiritual. to me they are different things. personally i would not have answered the door or said anything. you never know what could happen and you dont know the reason for why this guy asked you that. the same thing has happened to me. sometimes when i'm home alone relaxing some starnger knocks on my door. i look to see who it is, if i dont know tem i ignore them and dont open.