Monday, September 7, 2009

Broken Schedules, Broken Games, And Broken Bones

This is my first post in a long while. School started and I"ve been busy studying for my AP classes, talking to friends, and playing online games too. My schedule was messed up again this year. They gave me band again,which I switched out of at the end of last year. I had to try over and over again to get it changed. I was finally satisfied when they gave me a computer class. Our first project consisted of designing a command code for a robot to get to the class from the school courtyard. I tried building it on Dev C++, Adobe Flash, and my all-time favorite, RPG Maker 2003 , but it turns out, she wanted it all typed in word and when I loaded RPG Maker from my flashdrive to the computer, it changed the computer settings and made my teacher very mad. My teammates in that class were very supportive however and tried to make the situation better by taking some of the blame and distracting her while I pulled my flashdrive out of the computer and hid it so she wouldn't take it away. I also didn't get music theatre like I wanted but I'm actually happy with that. I got teacher's aid with one of my bestfriends and that class is really fun. We're teacher's aids for the school coaches and we can do pretty much anything we want. We get our trig homework done that period and then play around. I've been getting oaky grades so far except a few that I completely guessed on. I studied but then the questions weren't what I expected and it confused me. I guess it's not just about's about studying the right thing. My computer won't play World of Warcraft or Runes of Magick because my video card wont support it. My parents refused to buy me a new one and they also don't want me editing the computer in anyway, in fear that I'll break it. So no WoW for me, =[. But oh well, I like a different older game better anyway. It's called Ultima Online and it's my favorite MMORPG. Not only is it really awesome, it's also made by EA Games. I play on the Defiance Server AOS. On friday, I skipped Drama (we were making and painting Flats) to go with Kaitrin, Raela and her cousin to the parking garage. The door was gated and I volenteered myself to climb the gate, climb to the window above the door and climb inside the building. I ended up jumping 9 feet onto the cement floor from up above and I landed on my foot. It hurt really bad. I let the others in and we climbed the many, many stairs. I raced up them, which I guess was a mistake, because my foot started hurting like crazy. When we got to the very top, I still walked around and earlier when we were walking to the park to get picked up by parents, I couldn't walk anymore and Raela's cousin had to carry me. It was awkward but kinda funny too. When I got home, my foot was swollen and I soaked it in water. My mom examined it and told me that she suspects it's broken. She wrapped it up and then the whole day I hopped on one leg. The next day, my dad decided to take me to the resteraunt to meet my sister and her son there(Since they were coming home with us afterwards). I had to stumble to the table and an old man who walked by asked me if he could "jump on my foot". I was like "Hell no! My foot! Back off!". Later, after we ate, I was limping out of the building when there was a small intersection. A girl in a wheelchair sat at one side, me on the other. It was weird because she actually stopped and waited for me to pass. Two cripples standing in a building, facing eye to eye, and I turn out to be the one in the worse situation and recieve the get away route. That's never happened to me before and it made me realize that no matter how damaged I get, I will always think of myself as perfectly normal and healthy. Schools going to be weird with a broken foot but at least I have labor day left to sit around and do nothing in particular.

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  1. i remember when i had AP classes. some where good, some annoying. i have been busy lately too. havent had much time to post either but doing the best i can and i know you are too.