Monday, July 13, 2009

Building up..or building down...

So my house is under construction. It's another one of my dad's great projects. Supposedly, he's making the house into a mansion. I doubt it. It's been about 9 years since he started this "current" project and he's accomplished about 2 or 3 rooms...but he's also a lawyer and in the army and stuff so I mean...he's a busy guy. However, yesterday, he glued the plywood to the walls and I had the worst allergic reaction to the glue he used. So I spent most of the night outside to get away from the stench....I brought Kane, my cat, with me and we hung out in the moonlight. It was fun, but I got bit by a hell of a lot of mosquitos and I got like no sleep. My dad also built a garage that sits across from my house. There's a cement driveway in between the house and garage. The garage isn't completely finished either. The outside is finished but the inside is just boards and such..there's no flooring or insulation. But it's a pretty nice building....if you like that kind of thing.
There's a pool beside the garage with a hot tub. The hot tub connects to the pool by the use of a waterfall that pours from the hot tub to the pool. Now that was a cool idea. I'll give him credit for that. Also, when we first filling up the pool, the empty cement bowl that would soon contain the pool water made a very good skateboarding rink.

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  1. five words: I love your house!
    When i went the other day, it looked really cool inside with your new wall set up. It brought me childhood memories of how one of my friends were fixin up their own house. =]