Sunday, July 12, 2009


So I have cat...he's 3 months old. I'm allergic to cats...I HATED cats....I went to Petland to buy something completely different.Yes, I wanted a ferret^^^. Why didn't anyone tell me that ferrets smelt so bad? And then, while I was standing there, trying to ignore the horrible stench the ferrets were breezing about the room, a kitten was going crazy trying to escape it's cage. I look behind me and I see this adorable black furrball with big bright green eyes and I'm like "eeeww...a cat," so then I look away and look at the cute puppies. *MEOW* I hear this quite loudly and I looked back to the back of the room again. There the kitten is, sticking his head through the cage and trying to reach me with his paw. his face was cute. I walk closer to him and he smiles. I pet him and he wags his tail. Right then, I was supprised...this cat isn't making me sneeze. I can breathe! So next second, I'm begging my mom to let me have him. I mean, I really could've gotten a free cat from anywhere near my house. But it wasn't like I just wanted a cat, I wanted THIS cat. He's been with me ever since that day, literally. He follows me everywhere. He also likes to ride on my back and sit on my face and chew on my notebooks. He even got his head stuck in my chair and I had to get him unstuck...He climbs on the table, he eats off my plates, and he pees on me! But I love him, I love him so much. I call him Kane Bear instead of kitty...because I don't want to admit he's a cat...

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