Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Salt For My Bloodstream; Pepper For My Soul

Okay, so it's true. My mom makes the best home-made macaroni and cheese in the entire world. It tastes so good by itself but man, with added salt and pepper, it's scumptious! No one's macaroni and cheese can compare. If you think otherwise, let's compete! Haha. My momma will smoke your butt. Anyway, I was tanning today so I brought Kane (MY CAT!!!) out with me because I don't trust him in my house by himself. (He cannot be trusted because he breaks everything!!) I decided that I was going to go inside, because clouds came out and it wasn't even sunny anymore. Kane was relaxing under my brother's recked car because cats like to be in the shade and all, so I was like "Come on, Kane. Time to go inside," and he looked at me but didn't budge. So I was like "Fine, I'm going in with out you. Bye Kane!" and I walked to the front door and opened and shut it, pretending like I went inside. Then I snuck around to see what Kane was going to do then. He panicked, ran in a circle, and franticly ran to the front door. He started clawing at it and meowing. His face looked so scared...aw, poor little baby. I ran behind him to pick him up but he saw me and ran back underneath my brother's car. So I ran over to the car and called out his name but he stayed there and gave me the silent treatment. I had to apologize to him for about an hour before he finally came out. Aw, I hate it when he gets mad at me....

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  1. that's soo cute! awwwww he got all flustered. =] he's such a cute baby. I never heard of a kitten who did that. He's a very special kitty. I love your mom's Mac and Cheese, she's a freaking pro. She better teach us her magick, cuz she's great at it.