Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Without That Spark....

Okay, so I haven't talked to Raela for 2 days and it bothers me. I want her to either get online, sneak a call, or something! I've been doing my daily hobbies, computer, randomly go outside, computer, randomly go outside again kinda deal but I haven't heard from Raela. She might be mad at me because I deleted all my pics form myspace. I mean, I plan on putting up new pics as soon as my dad leaves. That way I can get temporary black hair spray. I look so good in black. I have naturally blonde hair which I don't necessarily mind...I mean blonde is cool and all. But black really brings out my skin tone and makes my eyes look brighter...haha. I'm such a weirdo. But anyway, the sun is coming back out so I'm going outside...again. I'm leaving Kane inside this time since he's busy playing at the playground I made him anyway.

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