Sunday, July 12, 2009

Showers of Fishes...Oh no!

My family vacations always suck. When I was 5, we went on a boat trip from Michigan to Florida. It took a month. It was one of the longest months of my life. A year later, we went to hawaii. I refused to ride in a plane ever again after that trip. You would have refused too, if you were with my family. I went 'out west' one year as well. We were in an RV...if you've ever been in an RV you know what I mean. The toilets lead to an 'indoor' septic system. It smells so bad. I slept on the top balcony that hangs over the driver's seat. Didn't I tell my parents that I toss and turn in my sleep?
I awaken in the middle of the night, hanging over the edge. The next day, we ride the RV up the side of a giant snow-capped mountain..on the very edge of the road as well. On the side of the RV, it said "do not take this vehicle on dirt roads". Yes, my father is a moron. Also when we got to the RV camp, there was a notepad where we were supposed to put where we're parking the RV and my dad wrote "by the creek" we then drove the RV all the way around the RV park and there was no creek there! So we ended up parking by a tree and confusing the workers. Dad was like "So, what do you want for dinner?" and I was like "Hmm...I'll just go catch us some fishes from the creek."
Last year, we went to Arizona and let me tell you now...I thought we were on the moon. Dirt pile after dirt pile after dirt pile..does it ever end? Dad wanted to buy property so we ended up getting lost in the middle of nowhere when searching for a lot. Ug..horrible. And then this year, it sounded first. We were going to the beach for the fourth july weekend. However, we ended up staying in the car for 8 hours and then only staying at the beach for 3 hours at most. The beach wasn't that far, my dad just couldn't find a hotel...
The next time a family vacation idea pops up, I'm exing out of it.

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