Thursday, July 30, 2009

To Feed Upon What's Broken

My mother has had a lot of problems lately, such as kidney stones, breast issues (not sure yet what's actually wrong), back scars, and some personal issues with my dad that I'm not going to mention. She's needed my help and support with numerous things and I've always been there for her. However, it's like a one lane street. I help her with everything but I feel as though I never get anything in return. I mean, she's my mom. She takes care of me when I'm sick, buys me food and clothes. She does my laundry too, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about support and advice. I tell her a problem I'm having and she'll just shrug it off or not even listen and interrupt me with something else. Then as soon as she needs advice, she comes running back to me again. Of course, I still help her but geez...


  1. i understand how you feel. i have been there. its normal to feel that way. despite the actions she does for you she needs to listen too. it has to go both ways. i could suggest trying to force her to listen to you and if it doesnt work then dont give her advice when she comes to you. if she asks why then you can bring it up and hopefully she will realize what she has done and just might start giving you advice too. a person will only take so much until they get fed up. i know shes your mom and i understand you wanna help her but remember that she is still also another person and needs to treat you the same way she wants to be treated.

  2. dude, after listening to your childhood videos, you were an evil child! lol