Sunday, July 12, 2009

Out Of The Closet

As I mention in my profile, yes, I'm a lesbian. I realized that as soon as I started dating Raela, more and more gays were being born. I mean this hypothetically. Once I came out and said "I am a lesbian", I began to see them everywhere. I mean, I'm sure they were always there. I just never noticed them before. And no, I don't find all girls attractive. I mean, I didn't even know Raela was attractive until after a week of dating. And now I can't believe I didn't notice it before; how beautiful and elegant a woman's body can be. Yes, I've had a boyfriend before but I really don't consider myself bi. My boyfriend sucked and so I totally screwed up his myspace and then never spoke to him again. He always ignored me for videogames and cheated on me with some girl I don't know. We never even kissed. Which is good, by the way. My girlfriend is the sweetest, most wonderful person I've ever met and I am proudly gay for her. However, there is a slight problem because of all this gayness. Her mother is catholic and my dad's an ass. So, her mom found out and started getting "sick". That's what she said. Her mom blamed me for her bad health. She would go home crying to Raela everyday and say how I'm killing her by existing...basically.
One day, back when I was in band, I had just got done performing a parade and I was chatting with a fellow mellophone player. My mom walks over and trailing behing her, is Raela's mom. My mom looks at me sternly and is like "We gotta go, now!". So I just nodded and said goodbye to Mellophone-guy and through him his gloves. I followed my mom to the car. "What's up?" I asked once we were inside. My mom told me that she had sat with Raela's mom during the parade and that she knows there's something that I'm hiding from her. Which is weird, because I could have sworn I made it very clear the day she walked in and I was on top of Raela while playing Dark Cloud on the playstation. However, she probably blocked that out from her memory. Anyway, so she takes me to Raela's house and makes me apologize to Raela's mom for dating her daughter....Eeeew. Okay, I used to love her mom. Her mom used to be sooo cool. But that day....just ew. I hated every moment of it. So afterwards, I went home and I talked to Raela online. She was happy to here from me and we agreed to keep secretly dating. Well, secretly at home that is. At school..we're pretty open about it. Our friends support us so that's pretty awesome. My school is basically filled with homosexuality anyway so we don't stand out that much. Oh and if you read this post, be sure to vote for Gay Marriage....because Raela and I want to get married someday and we need the public's support. I mean, we could go to some far off state and get married..but I'd love to get married here, where I live, where I grew up, where my friends and family are. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I don't like tradition, heh.

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  1. aww! you're so sweet! *blush* You mean the world to me, babe! I love you! =D I'll vote for gay marriage! We'll be okay! lol =]