Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Am What I Wish To Be

Okay, so I'm a writer. I've always been one; before I could talk, before I could walk. Before I existed, probably. I remember when I was little and how I would role play by myself in my room for hours. I would come up with characters and storylines. Kane was always one of the main characters, and me, I was always a character named Shimi. Kane is also the name of my Guardian Angel who has watched over me since the beginning of 6th grade. My other Guardian Angel, Mrs. Jenny Louise, who is my dead sister made him for me one night when I was lonely and needed someone to talk to. She's alot older than me so she made some one closer to my age that I could relate too. Anyway, enough about my guardians and all their super powers..., back to my passion about writing. I'm currently writing a novel called "Respiring Mano". It's about a group of witches who form a coven and go against some enemy vampire cult. However, it's more realistic than it sounds. The characters don't start off with every power in the world, and they have every day problems as well. It takes place in modern time and the main character's name is Sheli. It's pretty amazing really. I've reread it it several times. It's almost 600 pages long now. I only plan on writing two more chapters and then I'm typing it up and hopefully getting it published. Wish me luck. I do have to do some major edits before-hand though so it might take a while. I've written other stories in the past as well. I wrote one about a boy named Toren who lives at a foster home and his bestfriend is Semi. He starts being controlled by 'the voices' and goes insane. That was one of my bet ones. It's funny, I really don't enjoy reading in general, but when it comes to reading my own's great!

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  1. writing
    i love it when you write! and when you're sitting on your couch, with your binder on your lap. When you edit it, can i help? =] (at least with typing? i like typing)